A fun read, with a highly entertaining heroine.

thrill citySimone Kirsch is a Melbourne-based private detective to fall in love with – she’s a mostly-ex-stripper, she’s smart and she’s a bad girl who loves a drink. This was the third in the series, with the fifth due out in 2016.

On the crime front, a writer is killed in a horribly bloody way and Simone gets involved both in trying to find out who really did it and trying not to get blamed for the death herself.

There’s heaps of booze, rough talk, violence, drugs, bikies, some sex and quite a lot of lustful thoughts (which lead to some seriously bad choices). And our heroine gets into quite a lot of trouble.

On the home front, Simone’s relationship with her policeman boyfriend becoming more serious, and the former(ish) wild girl is having some serious commitment issues that look likely to leave her single again.

It’s definitely not PC, but that’s half the fun. Chloe, Simone’s surgically enhanced, highly pregnant blonde best friend, is a gem. She needs a series of her own.

Book published in 2010.