Robert-Galbraith-The-Cuckoos-CallingOK, so I’m a long way behind the times with this one. I admit I was reluctant to read it, because I was convinced that the only reason there was such a fuss about it was simply because it was her, Ms Harry Potter herself.

I’m often wary of books there is a massive fuss about, because I’ve found they usually aren’t that great. Anything that becomes massively popular almost by definition has a bit of “lowest common denominator” about it.

That probably sounds snobbish, but I’m really not a literary snob. I’m just very wary about things that are really really REALLY trendy. Like, say, The Da Vinci Code. It was a good thriller, but it wasn’t a great one. Any regular reader of thrillers could have pointed to at least half a dozen that year that were at least as good or better. But once something starts exploding int the public consciousness, it just keeps building, regardless.

Given the incredible popularity of this, I’m not going to go into describing plot or character. But I really enjoyed it. It was well plotted and well written and engaging from first page to last. They were strong characters and the richness of the world created in these pages should be no surprise, given how strong that aspect was in the Harry Potter books.

I have been told the second one is not as good. I might give it a try anyway.

Book published in 2013