Dave Warner knows how to tell a good story.

breaks Det-Insp Dan Clement has found himself back in his home town of Broome, not happy about it but prepared to go anywhere that keeps him close to his young daughter and estranged wife.

The work’s not exciting, and the people he’s working with don’t impress him much. And there’s a cyclone on the way.

The first dead body is an ageing, German hermit, found by a remote waterhole, just where a big croc night have got to him if he hadn’t been found.

When the next body’s found, Clement finds the clues point to drugs, but links to the first victim’s past in Germany keep turning up.

As the cyclone threatens to move in, the tension in the scattered community steadily increases. If Clement can’t figure out what connects the crimes, he can’t know where the killer could strike again.

Dave Warner’s a great storyteller. It was a big strength in his career as a singer-songwriter, and it’s a huge part of his power as a crime writer.

The writing is spare and direct, which helps keep the story pushing along.  The whole cast of characters worked for me; it’s a feature of his writing that the people feel real.

This review was first published in the Herald Sun’s Weekend magazine. The book was published in June 2015