Australian crime writing just keeps getting more interesting.

black teethJason Ginaff lives in front of his computer, choosing to avoid real life contact with people as much as he can.

He investigates job candidates and the like, unearthing all the past online indiscretions they thought they’d carefully deleted.

He’s also prepared to put on a false identity to ask some of the trickier questions face-to face. But Jason’s biggest investigation is tracking down the identity of his real father.

And just when he thinks he has it worked out, he discovers someone else is also looking for him. Someone with serious vengeance on his mind.

The situation gets messy, and Jason’s attempt to resolve it gets him involved in investigating an old murder – a crime that has already since claimed one other life, with more on the cards.

Set in and around Melbourne, Black Teeth is Lovitt’s second book. He already has some serious credits to his name, having won the Ned Kelly Award for best first fiction for The Midnight Promise, as well as making the long list for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first novel.

His writing is energetic and sharp and slyly funny and he offers a bewitching cast of characters, none of whom are what they seem.

He has said that his aim is to write fiction that avoids “worn-out conventions”, and he succeeds. The ending seriously startled me, even if I saw some bits of it coming. Jason deserves a series.

My review first appeared in the Herald Sun’s Weekend Magazine. The book was published in July 2016.