This popular Canadian crime writer is a bit loopy sometimes, but the legendary investigator Armand Gamache and his hidden home town of Three Pines are firm favourites in my reading life. 

louise pennyLegendary homicide detective Armand Gamache has retired from the force and is in charge of Sûreté police training academy.

He’s there to rid it of the appalling corruption that has infested it, causing psychological damage to many young graduates.

One of the sadistic old guard remains on staff; when he is murdered, suspicion turns to Gamache, who has good reason to despise the man.

Meanwhile, in the detective’s historic hometown of Three Pines, an old and strange map has been found hidden in a wall.

The villagers are curious about its origins, but Gamache suspects there is some deeper mystery.

He asks four cadets to investigate its source and meaning, and in the process some of the town’s darkest secrets are uncovered.

For Gamache’s many fans – this is the 12th in the series – this story dives into one of the big mysteries surrounding Three Pines: exactly why is the township on no maps at all?

Penny has earned a host of awards and is a bestseller around the world.

Sometimes I find her writing annoyingly portentous – everything is so loaded with meaning and significance – but once I’m into her books, I cannot put them down. This is one of the best in the series.

This book was published in August 2016