A celestial mix of comets, romance, destiny, ghosts, and wonder at the night sky, with its fair share of darkness. I don’t think it has the heady magic of The Time-Traveller’s Wife, but it’s a good read for fans of that book. 

comet seekersThe Comet Seekers opens in 2017 in the Antarctic, in the presence of comet Giacobini, where Róisín and François are exploring both their delight in the wonders of the sky, and the spark that is firing between them.

Then the stories step back into the past, into the generations upon generations that have brought these two together.

Each time we see a slice of their lives, it is in the presence of a comet – West, Halley’s, Shoemaker-Levy 9, Hale-Bopp, Skjellerup-Maristany  …  right back to 1079 and the embroidering of a comet in the legendary Bayeux Tapestry in France.

François’ mother Severine grows up hearing her own beloved grandmother talking to ghosts, and when she dies Severine inherits them all – Brigitte, Great-Great-Grandma Bélanger, Antoine, Great-Grandpa Paul-François, and now her granny too.

They appear whenever there is a comet in the sky and they surround her with love.

But there is a price – she can’t leave Bayeux or they will disappear, and no one will believe her, not even her son.

In Róisín’s world, the comets also loom large, and they call her away from her Irish home, but she also must pay a price.

With echoes of The Time-Traveller’s Wife, The Comet Seekers has more than a bit of stardust in its magic, and more than a touch of darkness.

My review was also published in the Herald Sun’s Weekend magazine. This book was published in August 2016.