LJM Owen is proving that Echo Press was smart to put its faith in this initially crowd-funded, self-published author. The second book in the planned series is much stronger than the first, and will surely expand her audience.

mayan-mendacity_low-resDr Elizabeth Pimms, the Intermillenial Sleuth, is back with a new mystery set between modern Canberra and ancient Guatemala.

Dramatic change is present on all fronts – Elizabeth’s boyfriend is coming home after a long stint abroad, there’s a promotion at the library, her brother is facing major surgery, and she lands some work in the area she loves most – archeology.

Specifically, work on some mysterious Mayan skulls and bones from a little-known Guatemalan site, which we know will have something to do with Lady Six Sky, a Mayan ruler who took power in 682.

Elizabeth, who has a complicated home life that includes Welsh, French and Chinese grandparents and a range of unruly siblings, also has to deal with an explosive claim from a colleague that she has an unknown half-sister, also the child of Elizabeth’s late father.

When someone starts messing with the Mayan remains in the lab, things start to become almost overwhelming.

This is the second in the Dr Pimms series (there are nine planned), from the Canberra-based author who shares her heroine’s qualifications and interest in archeology, librarianship and palaeogenetics.

It’s a fun, interesting read and sets the scene for what should be a thoroughly enjoyable and popular series.

Owen’s first book Olmec Obituary was crowd-funded, before being picked up by Echo Press.

This book was launched last week at the SheKilda crime writing convention in Melbourne. November 2016.