If you enjoy supernatural thrillers (with the supernatural side of it not too overdone), this is a great choice for a summer/beach read. 

ink-and-bone-9781471150470_lgFinley Montgomery hears and sees things a lot of others don’t. Sometimes that’s good, but mostly it sets her apart as an outsider, a weirdo.

When she moves to her grandmother’s place in The Hollows in upstate New York, in a way she is coming home. Her grandmother Eloise understands, better than most, what Finley is facing.

Eloise and local former policeman Jones Cooper have a history of working together to solve mysteries. This time, however, it is Finley who is called on to help Cooper find a missing child, and her dead companions won’t leave her alone until she does.

The Hollows itself has a strange power, with aspects that both help and hinder Finley’s task.

I’m new to Lisa Unger and to The Hollows – the small town that has featured in several of her books – but the good news is it’s not a straight series and you don’t need to know any back story to enjoy this latest release. I should add that Unger, on her website, recommends readers start with Fragile, the first of her books to introduce Eloise, Cooper and The Hollows.

Finley – tattooed, with pink and black hair and a motorbike – is a great character with lots of spark. The psychic powers aren’t overdone or pushed too far, and the story is a genuine page-turner in supernatural thriller territory.

This book was local published in December 2016.