I was already a fan of this Australian writer, after reading Foxlee’s The Midnight Dress. 

karen-foxleeAt nearly 13, Annabel Grey’s happy life is completely ripped apart when her mother takes off and sends her to stay with her great aunts, who run a magic shop in London.

real magic shop, one that serves the local witch and wizard community.

In a remarkably short time, Annabel learns that most of what she thinks is true, is not – and she’s not happy about any of it – but there’s no time to waste if she’s to discover her own magical abilities in time.

The evil Mr Angel has created a dark-magic extracting machine, and he’s about to take over London.

Annabel has just a few hours to find the one thing that can stop him, hidden deep under London, and all she has to help her is wild girl Kitty and a skittish broomstick.

Aimed at middle-grade readers, A Most Magical Girl is the latest from the accomplished pen of Queensland writer Karen Foxlee, who has also written Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy for this age group, and a couple of excellent books for the young adult market – The Midnight Dress and the award-winning The Anatomy of Wings.

This book was published in August 2016. My review appeared in the Herald Sun’s Weekend magazine.