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aaronovitchRivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US)
Moon Over Soho
Foxglove Summer
The Hanging Tree

I’ve spent the past week happily belting through four of the six books in this fantasy/crime series. The latest, The Hanging Tree, was published in November 2016.

It’s based around PC Peter Grant, a young cop who becomes an apprentice in what is a little-known section of London’s police force that deals with magic, or “weird shit” as most describe it.

The boss of the unit – in fact, the only other person – is Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale. He hasn’t had an apprentice in many years, because Nightingale (and others of his kind), thought magic was on the wane in a life now ruled by science. Turns out, he was wrong.

There are wizards and fae, river gods and goddesses and various other well known magical creatures, but I want to state clearly  (because I’ve had a number of people assume this as soon as I said wizard or magic) – it really is nothing like the Harry Potter series.

As you might expect from someone who has also written for the TV series Dr Who and Jupiter Moon, Aaronovitch’s stories are packed with action and a lot of dry humour, with a light scattering of sex thrown in.

The first book has been optioned for TV by Feel Films, with a lot of internet speculation about the possible cast (though no sign of production yet). Aaronovitch has tweeted that his first choice for Nightingale would be Paul McGann, which would be perfect. A great round up of the speculation can he found here.

There’s even an official music video and a graphic novel/comic.

Meanwhile, if grown-up fantasy/crime seems appealing, enjoy the books. They are a delight from beginning to end.