A decent thriller.

Linda is an outsider in a town in northern Minnesota, a sparsely populated place of lakes and woods, and a place where people on the fringes tend to congregate.

Her home is a cabin in what used to be a commune. When it disbanded, she remained behind with her (probable) parents, scraping out a backwoods life with very few of the trappings or comforts of civilization.

Her tough upbringing has made Linda a particularly good observer, and when a new teacher arrives at her school she notices some telling moments as a questionable relationship develops between him and another student.

she accidentally meets Patra, who is renting a place nearby with her husband and son, Linda finds work as a babysitter. Her time with Patra and her son increasingly offer a haven of normality, a view of family life she’s never had.

But when Patra’s husband Leo joins them, it becomes obvious that all is not quite what it seems. And what is being hidden could put a life at risk.

The story cuts between the events of this particular summer, and life for an older Linda, shaped by what happened. History of Wolves is a compelling coming-of-age story, packed suspense and tragedy.

This book was published in January 2017. My review appeared in the Herald Sun’s Weekend magazine.